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Subject: What chemicals whould I need to use to make Insulation?

Date: Thu Jan 13 16:40:55 2000
Posted by Ashley
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Area of science: Chemistry
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  Im an 8th grade student and I'm in Earth Science.  The question that i 
was hoping that you could answer for me isn't anything that we're 
studying.  Our teacher did this experiment with 2 chemicals and water.  
After he combined the 2 chemicals into a cup he added a little bit of 
water.  When nothing happened he stirred it.  About 30 seconds later it 
started to rise.  As soon as this substance hit the air it started to 
harden.  He later told us that this was the kind of insulation that they 
used around windows, but he wouldn't tell us what kind of chemicals he 
used.  I was wondering if you could tell me what they were.
                                                      Thank you,

Re: What chemicals whould I need to use to make Insulation?

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