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Subject: Diethyl Ether Synthesis (see comments section for question)

Date: Sun Jan 23 13:54:50 2000
Posted by Montgomery
Grade level: undergrad School: Colorado University
City: boulder State/Province: colorado Country: usa
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 948657290.Ch

I have been studying ether lately and I had a few quetions about it's 
synthesis. I was reading about methods of ether synthesis and noted a method 
used commercially for the production of diethyl ether. It said that ethanol 
and Sulfuric acid would produce diethyl ether through catalyzed De-hydration 
(something along those lines). Anyway I was thinking about it and had a 
question: if sulfuric acid is diluted in water and mixed with a 70% ethanol 
mixture what would be needed to spark the reaction? also since ether and 
water do not mix (form layers when added together) during the reaction would 
two layers seperate as ethanol was converted? (one layer ether and one layer 
acidic water) and last, what are the other products in this reaction? as you 
can see the chem book I've been using is not very informative. I thank you 
for any time spent in answering my question.    -Montgomery 

Re: Diethyl Ether Synthesis (see comments section for question)

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