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Subject: Where does all the chlorine in salt water come from?

Date: Tue Feb 8 16:26:31 2000
Posted by Sean Hunt
Grade level: teacher/prof School: The Ravensbourne School
City: Bromley State/Province: Kent Country: UK
Area of science: Earth Sciences
ID: 950048791.Es

I understand that minerals are washed into the sea and due to the process 
of the water cycle these mineral levels rise and make the sea salty. What 
I do not understand is where all this chlorine comes from. The rocks 
around us are not made of all that much chlorine. Come to think of it 
where does all the sodium come from? Most of our rocks are calcium or 
silicon based are they not? Please correct my poor understanding. Sean

Re: Where does all the chlorine in salt water come from?

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