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Subject: Can this procedure create a laser light image?

Date: Fri Feb 11 12:10:32 2000
Posted by Ken Waber
Grade level: 10-12 School: Aberdeen High School
City: Aberdeen State/Province: WA Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
ID: 950292632.Ph

This is a question posed by a student of mine: "What is the maximum times 
a beam splitter can split a single laser beam? If two laser beams intersect 
will they provide constructive interference and will a point of light 
appear?" His idea to to split a laser beam bounce it around a bit, have two 
or more beams intersect & hopefully form a point of light, do this with 
enough points & form an image.  I told that in order for the light to be 
visible it would need to be reflected to the eye from something, like a 

Re: Can this procedure create a laser light image?

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