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Subject: Energy properties of Mass based on dimensions

Date: Mon Feb 7 10:34:10 2000
Posted by Kirk Miller
Grade level: undergrad School: CVCC
City: Lynchbug State/Province: VA Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
ID: 949941250.Ph

Is it possible that E=MC^2 should actually be written E=MC^(D-1) where 
D=the dimensional plane on which the oject exists?  To explain, if a two-
dimensional object existing in a two-dimensional plane were to be 
instantly converted to energy, the energy release of that object would be 
significantly less than the energy derived from a similar instance in 
three-dimensional space.  Concurrently, it seems logical that a one-
dimensional construct could not explode if it existed in a one dimensional 
place, it would have nowhere to expand to.  Just curious, some one answer 
if possible.

Re: Energy properties of Mass based on dimensions

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