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Subject: Why does a lobster's shell change color when REMOVED from water?

Date: Wed Feb 2 10:39:18 2000
Posted by Miss Hunt
Grade level: K-3 School: Stillson Elementary
City: Chippewa Falls State/Province: WI Country: USA
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 949509558.Zo

In our kindergarten class we have a blue lobster.  He has been shedding 
his shell regularly as he grows.  Normally he eats the shell but last week 
we romoved part of it so that the children could touch it.  As it dried, 
the shell changed from the bright blue color it is in the tank to a pale 
pink color.  I read your archive answer about why the color changes when 
put in boiling water and I was wondering if the reasons are similar.  Also 
do you have any information about how often the lobster will shed it's 
shell and why it eats it afterwards?  The kindergartners are eagerly 
awaiting your answer!  Thank you for your time!

Re: Why does a lobster's shell change color when REMOVED from water?

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