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Re: What is the South American city in which the sun stands directly overhead..

Date: Wed Feb 16 09:55:29 2000
Posted By: Demian Bertozzi, Grad student, Physics, UFSC
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 949775281.As

Hello, Bob! Since you're on a quiz game or something, it's not fair if I 
give you the answer directly. But I'll put you on the right way. You don't 
have to use math here, although you would in any other more detailed 
question than this. 

First, we'll go to some theory. You must know about two things, solstices and
equinoxes. Solstice is the day the sun stands directly over a tropic, Cancer or
Capricorn. On December 21st, over the Tropic of Capricorn, and on June 21st over
Tropic of Cancer. It means, for an example, on December 21st, the start of
Winter in Earth's North Hemisphere, and for the South, the start of Summer. The
inverse for June 21st. The equinoxes are March 21st and September 23rd, when the
sun passes over the Equator. So, on February 2nd, between December 21st and 
March 21st, the sun is shining right over some place between the Equator 
Line and the Tropic of Capricorn, hence over the South Hemisphere. 

  And here's the trick. Go for a World Map (I think you haven't done it 
yet!), and look for the cities listed in the answer tab of the question. 
You'll notice that only one of them fills the conditions. Of the other 
three, one is in the North Hemisphere, one stands rightly over the Equator 
and the other is over the tropic.

For more information,

Good Luck!


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