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Subject: How longe before a wearable electronic translator is produced?

Date: Sun Feb 13 12:23:01 2000
Posted by Robert Mudford
Grade level: teacher/prof School: Bla Bla Lauguage Institute
City: Bilbao State/Province: Vizcaya Country: Spain
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 950466181.Cs

I see that we have programmes which will - more or less - transform the
spoken word into text on a PC.  OK, they aren't perfect, but they
seem to be improving.

I see that there are other programmes which will make a stab at
translating text from one language into another.  These are also a long
way (OK, a very long way) from perfect - but these are also getting

Finally there are programmes which will convert text into speech.

Processors are getting faster, memory is getting smaller and wearable
computers are forecast.

So - how long before English teachers need to start worrying because 
everybody has a wearable translator?

Re: How longe before a wearable electronic translator is produced?

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