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Subject: Building a toy car that travels a distance of 31 feet

Date: Sun Jan 16 12:39:35 2000
Posted by June
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I have to build a toy car that travels a distance of 31 feet, but the only
source of energy must come from a size 10 rubber band and no more. I can
twist the rubber band so when I release it, it will untwist and create 
to turn the wheels of the car<--- that was my idea but its not working very
well because for some reason my rubber band wont untwist itself 
Or we can stretch the rubber band to cause some sort of force to be 
to push the car across the distance. We may also cut the rubber band to
create energy.  All forces coming from the rubber band must be internal,
meaning no sling shots. The whole point of the project is to create a
transmission of a car with an energy source to turn the wheels through the
manipulation of a rubber band. Do you have any suggestions to help this
project become a success? If so, please let me know. Thanks a lot!


Re: Building a toy car that travels a distance of 31 feet

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