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Subject: Can the sediments (including heavy metals) on the sea-floor be transported?

Date: Tue Feb 8 13:01:55 2000
Posted by Ricky Cheung
Grade level: 10-12 School: Secondary School
City: Hong Kong State/Province: No state entered. Country: China
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 950036515.Eg

Can the sediments be transported by stationary wave?
To make it easier for u to understand my question, let's take an example:
Suppose there is a tank of water with a layer of sand on the bottom.
This simulate the sea floor.
There is a wave generator (maybe sound wave) on one side of the tank and 
on the other side, there is a barrier (maybe a wall).
As wave is generated, it reflects from the barrier and combines with the 
new wave to form stationary wave.
Then this stationary wave would pile up the sand into several 
little "mountains".
Now, slowly move the barrier and carefully adjust the frequency (I think) 
so that stationary wave pattern remains but with longer (or shorter) loops.
Then the little "mountains" would TRAVEL!!!

Is this possible to happen?

Re: Can the sediments (including heavy metals) on the sea-floor be transported?

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