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Subject: How can I inhibit abscisic acid in plants?

Date: Sun Feb 6 16:19:51 2000
Posted by Gillian
Grade level: 7-9 School: La Paz Intermediate
City: Laguna Hills State/Province: CA Country: U.S.
Area of science: Botany
ID: 949875591.Bt

I am conducting an experiment for a science fair project. I am aiming to 
exhibit what geotropism is and how it affects plant growth. For my 
experiment, i am planning to grow plants at different angles (upside down, 
sideways, for example) to see if geotropism always makes a plant's root 
grow towards the center of the earth. As a component of the experiment, i 
want to inhibit geotropism in some of my plants (to see if the plants will 
continue to grow normally even though they are upside down- like if the 
roots will grow upward and the stems down). I know that abscisic acid is a 
part of why geotropism can effect plants. But i want to know how to inhibit 
the abscisic acid so i can eliminate the effects of geotropism in my 
experiment to compare the plants that havent been effected with those that 

Re: How can I inhibit abscisic acid in plants?

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