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Re: Why does the TV screen or PC monitor have/create static electricity?

Date: Mon Mar 6 10:05:09 2000
Posted By: John Link, Physics
Area of science: Physics
ID: 952146421.Ph

There are probably answers already available in our archives, which you can find at our search engine which is located here:
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But I will give you a short answer: You are probably aware that the tv screen and computer monitor have electron guns that fire electrons toward the screen to make the phosphors on the inside of the screen emit photons. Well, some of those electrons become a part of the glass itself, and so the glass obtains a slight excess negative static charge due to these electrons. If the glass were a good conductor of electricity the excess electrons would move to the ground plane of the electronics. (Of course, if the glass were a good conductor there would be lots of problems making the tv work!)

John Link, MadSci Physicist

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