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Re: Randomization of words in a file & display of result in Java or Javascript?

Date: Mon Mar 6 22:02:14 2000
Posted By: Artem Evdokimov, Postdoc
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 949963226.Cs


This is a bit off my main specialization, but I shall try:

Both Java and Javascript suffer from serious drawbacks when dealing with 
files. Technically, these languages are not allowed access to the 
filesystem, except for reading. Recent Java seems to have an option to let 
user know that it wants to access disk space and if the user agrees, then 
it is allowed to write and modify disk info. However, this is beside the 
point. The best language for word manipulation is PERL (Practical 
Extraction and Report Language) and I highly recoomend it for all and any 
tasks requiring manipulation of textual and text-like information. It is 
intuitive, easy to learn and easy to read language, moreover it is 
available on all existing platforms and is readily pluggable into the web 

try for a start - this site has 
thousands of links, including links to tutorials and sample programs.

Hope it helps,


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