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Re: how are elements in a star identified

Date: Wed Mar 8 13:19:30 2000
Posted By: John Haberman, Space Scientist, NASA Goddard Space Center, Greenbelt MD
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 951686368.As

  The elements in a star are identified using the technique of 
spectroscopy.  The analysis of the radiation (light) coming from a star 
will identify the elements in that star.

  A great place to start looking for information about this is NASA Spacelink.  
Go to the bottom of the page and enter your question in the "Search" box.
Some of the information that you will be referred to includes:

Spectra and Spectroscopy

Spectra and What Scientists Can Learn From Them

John Haberman, Space Scientist
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

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