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Date: Sun Mar 12 04:17:09 2000
Posted By: Syd Cherry, Staff, Lab technician, Kestrel, Inc.
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 951540900.Zo

Dear Phyllis,

The testicles of a rooster are located slightly above and forward of the 
kidneys which is well inside the abdominal region.  The only efficient 
technique to castrate is to enter under the rib cage with a hooked probe 
and extract the testicles with the hook.  The birds should be given a mild 
anesthesia to relieve any discomfort.  This is done with great precision 
because the correct area of entry is very precisely "land-marked".  This 
procedure is no longer performed on a large scale basis mainly because of 
changing production demands.  It has also led to a misconception that a 
roosters testicles, or sex organs, are located under the wing.  This is 
not altogether inaccurate, however they are also located inside the body 
cavity, which has led to this "wives-tale".  

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