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Re: What kind of computer memory will we have in the year 2020?

Date: Thu Mar 16 10:41:45 2000
Posted By: Michael McDonald, Staff, V.P./Exe. Director NanoComputer Dream Team, NanoComputer Dream Team
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 953011888.Cs

Hi Linda,
There are some very interesting breakthroughs that may give some insight as 
to what types of memory will be used in the future. The latest is that of 
Holographic Memory. This is something that is being persued at the present. 
There was a recent article in Fox News about this. Here is the link address

Another means will be the use of Nanotechnology. There are great strides 
being made in this area also. This is where you will get down to the 
Molecular level which has the capability of storing Terabites of 
information on a extremely small space no larger than the period that I 
will end this sentence with.

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