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Re: how can i turn on the relative reference icon for macro recording in excel

Date: Sun Mar 19 11:37:19 2000
Posted By: Evelyn Tsang, Research Assistant
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 950571353.Cs

Hey there Eric,

Isn't MS Excel fun? :)

Usually, when you choose {Tools}>{Macro}>{record Macro}, the box with the 
{stop recording}/{relative reference} buttons pops up.  The button with 
the square is for stopping recording, and the button with the minature 
excel sheet is for relative references.

If this doesn't pop up, then BEFORE you start recording the macro, click 
{View}>{Toolbars}>{Stop Recording} from the respective panels.  The box 
should pop up then, and you can do the usual to start recording the macro.

Hope this helps!

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