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Subject: How can i make an egg catcher

Date: Sat Mar 18 13:17:54 2000
Posted by elsa castillo
Grade level: 10-12 School: southwest high school
City: san diego State/Province: ca Country: u.s.
Area of science: Physics
ID: 953407074.Ph

This egg catcher can  be made with ONLY two pieces of construction 
paper and it has to be at least one inche off the ground (with some sort of 
special base) the challenging part is that the egg will be dropped from 15 
feet above the ground,therefore with quite some speed, and during this time 
of year there are many stong wind currents and i am not allowed to use any 
aditional materials other than the two pieces of construction paper and the 
most escential adhesieve materials to hold the device together.How can i 
design this evice to be stong enough to catch the egg without braking it 
and still resist the strong wind currents?

Re: How can i make an egg catcher

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