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Subject: Can JET-A fuel substitute for 1-D or 2-D diesel

Date: Fri Mar 10 21:28:54 2000
Posted by RB
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Holding tanks at an area air field are pumped out and "dried" to kill 
bacteria and water regularly. As most of the JET-A is pumed out from the 
top of the tank, a layer of sludge and then water is left on the bottom. 
To avoid pumping this out too, they stop and try to leave a thin "layer" 
of JET-A fuel floating on top. The entire process is filtered, but this is 
where the major separation occurs.

I ask because remaining thin layer, sludge, & water is then pumped into 
waste tanks. After it has set there a while the JET-A floats back up. 
Several others are using this left-over to run their diesel autos and 
generators, etc. What is/are the difference from JET-A to 1-D or 2-D as 
recommended by some motor manuf.? I would like to use this free diesel if it 
would not damage or overheat my engine.

Re: Can JET-A fuel substitute for 1-D or 2-D diesel

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