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Subject: How to research protein structures on the Internet?

Date: Sat Mar 18 04:57:37 2000
Posted by Robert Bottomley
Grade level: undergrad School: UCSD
City: San Diego State/Province: CA Country: US
Area of science: Biochemistry
ID: 953377057.Bc

I need help in learning how to interpret and analyze the data regarding 
various proteins that are cataloged in database such as the ones cataloged 
in the NCBI databases. Are there any resources on the web that can assist 
me in understanding the different symbols and abbreviations used to 
describe the protein.Moreover, are there any tutorial sites on the web 
that can help me gain a better understanding of proteins? I am asking 
these questions to facilitate my research of proteins on the web.  I am a 
bio major but I only have a fundamental understanding of proteins from an 
introductory biochem class.  I would like to be able to further my 
knowledge of proteins through the internet, however I don't know where to 

Re: How to research protein structures on the Internet?

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