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Subject: What are the pathophysiological responds due to smoking?

Date: Sat Mar 18 03:08:18 2000
Posted by Tze Ping TAN
Grade level: undergrad School: University of Melbourne
City: Melbourne State/Province: VIC Country: Australia
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 953370498.Me

I am interested to know about the effect of smoking on the cardio-
respiratory system especially on how smoking might impair normal cardio-
respiratory mechanism in a normal person especially in strenous physical 
I am also extremely grateful if someone might be able to explain to me the 
IMMEDIATE effect of smoking e.g. the component effect of NICOTINE on heart 
function espcially in ARRYTHMIA
I am also interested to know about the pathology on CHRONIC AIRFLOW 

Thanks alot

Re: What are the pathophysiological responds due to smoking?

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