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Re: What kind of organism is in the water in mexico. Why dous it make us sick.

Date: Tue Mar 28 12:27:19 2000
Posted By: Brigetta Allen Hughes, Faculty, Veterinary Science and Technology, Des Moines Public School
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 953085398.Me

Actually, there are a number of organisms that can affect us that live in 
the water we drink in Mexico (or other countries, or even situations - like 
flooding-). These would include varieties of:
*protozoans - (single celled organisms) 
      Amoeba (amoebic dysentery)
*bacteria - 
      E. coli

These can all affect our digestive systems - symptoms would include 
vomitting and diarrhea, intestinal cramping, flu-like symptoms.

People that live/are born in areas where the water is contaminated are 
often immune to the disease. Their immune systems have been exposed to the 
organisms for a long time in small amounts, and the antibodies produced 
against the organism by the immune system most likely protects them from 
the disease.

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