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Subject: Do different Coloured lights affect plant growth?

Date: Sat Mar 25 17:07:02 2000
Posted by Matt
Grade level: 7-9 School: Chippewa Secondary School
City: North Bay State/Province: Ontario Country: Canada
Area of science: Botany
ID: 954025622.Bt

To anyone who can help,

Hello, I have just recently started my science fair and I am doing it on 
different coloured lights affecting plant growth. I constructed a box with 
4 divisions and I am going to plant 1 seed in a pot and let it sit under 
the light for about 6 hours a day for several days. They each get the same 
amount of water, light per day and they have the same amount of soil and 
so on! The time have come now for me to research! I have tried and tried 
so hard but I cannot find any information so I turned to you! : )  I would 
like you to tell me if my experiment will be sucsussful and if I am doing 
everything right! I would also like some information on this topic! It 
would be soo greatly appreciated! thanks a lot


Re: Do different Coloured lights affect plant growth?

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