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Re: Is wiggling an ear a genetically inherited trait?

Date: Wed Mar 29 12:19:46 2000
Posted By: Jo Cocks, Undergraduate, Biology with Education, Cambridge
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 952715271.Ge

Hi Celeste, 

Sorry it has taken a while to reply but there have been some network 

Ear wiggling is not as far as I can find out an exclusively genetically 
inherited trait as there are only a few known characteristics that are 
controlled by only one gene. Being able to roll your tongue is one of 

 Ear wiggling is quite a complex skill requiring both muscular action and 
concentration so it is possible that someone may have an inherited 
predisposition to ear wiggling but will not actually be able to do it 
unless they practice.

Maybe you could do some research on the subject by finding people who can 
wiggle their ears and asking if anyone else in their family can do it.

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