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Re: Is Dark Matter the remnants of a previous universe?

Date: Wed Apr 5 08:40:14 2000
Posted By: Suzanne Willis, professor,Northern Illinois University
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 953723970.As

Hello, Randall -

No, in our current understanding of the Big Bang, it is a true singularity,
meaning that space and time (and therefore matter, and the laws of the
universe as we know them) did not exist beforehand. So even if the Big Bang
was the aftermath of a Big Crunch of an earlier universe, nothing would
have survived.

Indeed, there is no reason to assume that the other universe would have
looked like ours at all - it could even have a different number of space
and time dimensions. But even if those were the same, other things could
have been different, such as the speed of light, Planck's constant (which
sets the scale for quantum effects), the fine structure constant (which
determines the energy levels inside the atom), and so forth. 

Here are some Web pages about the Big Bang:

Introduction to Cosmology, from NASA:

The Official String Theory Web Site, including a cosmology tutorial:

Ned Wright's cosmology tutorial, from UCLA:

Cosmology and what happened before the Big Bang, from the Astronomy Cafe:

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