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Subject: The electron is divisible?

Date: Thu Apr 6 09:35:13 2000
Posted by Jerónimo Navarrete
Grade level: 10-12 School: ITESM campus Querétaro
City: Querétaro State/Province: Querétaro Country: México
Area of science: Physics
ID: 955031713.Ph

I am investigating about the posibility of the division of the electron.
As far as I know there is not known a particle that conform the electron; 
my question started because one of my Physics teachers, knows to a 
Harvard's teacher that tell him that there is a particle recently 
discovered that constitutes the electron.
I am really iterested in knowing what is happening about that, you may be 
more actualized that any of my books or more confiable that a lot of WWW 
I just need a confirmation or your opinion.
Some of the things that makes me think is possible the divisible of the 
electron, is the results of the slit's experiment with an electron canion 
(not with photons); the emanation of X-rays as a cause of the 
desaceleration and aceleration of electron, the "friction" that occurs 
during the travel of electrons in conductor.
I just wan't to know about the sub - electron particles.



Re: The electron is divisible?

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