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Re: My question is about dvd player games.

Date: Fri Apr 14 11:17:48 2000
Posted By: David Gould, Software Engineer
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 955423117.Cs

Hi John!

     Right now, the movie industry and the gaming industry are quite 
separate.  Movie production companies have really not ventured into the 
game development field, although game companies have been employing more 
and more people from the movie industry to create 'movie-like' games.  The 
way "Movie-based" games get created now, is that a game company buys a 
license to use the copyrighted material from the movie in their game.  This 
license costs so much, that most game companies don't have a prayer of 
making back the money they paid for it until a second or third game using 
the license.

     To put it another way, production companies make people pay through 
the nose to use their movie's theme, and in fact many make more money off 
of licensing than they do off of the original movie.  This means they would 
lose that revenue in the process of putting a quality movie-based game from 
a successful game company in the same package as their DVD.

     On the other hand, games are becoming more movie like all the time.  
This began with "Dragon's Tale" -- the video arcade game way back in the 
80's.  With "Wing Commander, the movie" it's clear that game companies are 
trying to move into the movie production market, and for a game company, 
who already owns the copyright for the material for both the game and the 
movie, this might be a reality you see very soon.

     So while you might not see "The Matrix" sequels done this way, you 
might definitely see something like "Wing Commander" take this approach 
very soon.

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