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Re: Thermography? What is the history behind it?

Date: Sat Apr 15 07:02:09 2000
Posted By: Harry Adam, Research Associate, Research Division, Kodak Limited
Area of science: Physics
ID: 953510693.Ph

Hello Beth - sorry I took so long to answer. Anyhow I hope the following 
helps. I found a good web reference to the use of thermography in 
diagnosis of horse ailments which explains a little of how it is done and 
how it is useful.:

I also found this site which explains more about the modern thermal 
imaging cameras and how they work:

I think this site will give you most of what you need regarding the 
physics of the cameras. The main trick is to make the CCD’s (charge-
coupled devices) used in video and still cameras selectively responsive to 
IR light as opposed to visible or UV light and at the same time be 
sufficiently sensitive for practical use. If these sites leave you with 
further questions, please e-mail at

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