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Re: Is testosterone associated with aggressive behavior?

Date: Mon Apr 17 04:07:16 2000
Posted By: Shibbi, Undergraduate, medical, FJDC
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 955591781.Ge

One cannot neglect the effect of the sex hormones on temperament. There is 
no doubt that “testosterone” promotes aggressiveness and that “estrogen” 
is associated with a milder temperament. 
“Testosterone” secreted by the male testes has a powerful anabolic effect 
in causing greatly increased deposition of protein everywhere in the body, 
especially in the muscles. In fact, even the man who participates in very 
little sport activity but who nevertheless is well endowed with 
testosterone will have muscle that grow to sizes 40 percent or more 
greater than those of his female counterpart and with a corresponding 
increase in strength.
	The female sex hormone “estrogen” probably also accounts for some 
of the difference between female and male performance, although not nearly 
so much as testosterone. “Estrogen” is known to increase the deposition of 
fat in the female, especially in certain tissues such as breasts, hips and 
subcutaneous tissues.

             UNIT 15 , CHAPTER 84

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