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Re: Logics for DNA / Molecular / Quantum Computing

Date: Wed Apr 19 16:42:46 2000
Posted By: Adams Douglas, Senior Developer
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 943381007.Cs

Well, I'm neither a molecular genetecist or an expert in quantum computing, 
but to my knowledge no languages specifically designed for those new fields 
have yet ben developed. This is mostly because the fields are so new that 
the few examples of actual computations created so far are very specific to 
the problem being solved.

Certain problems in nanotechnology and nano-assembly were explored in 
primite form in the past through the discipline of Cellular Automata. An 
example of a language describing one such system can be found here:

Detailed discussion of a specific problem in DNA computation can be found 

Hope that helps,
-Adams Douglas
 Infonex, Inc.

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