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Subject: television/radio signals escaping earth to space

Date: Sun Mar 12 15:35:19 2000
Posted by Mike
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City: Fullerton State/Province: CA Country: US
Area of science: Astronomy
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I know a lot of signals (radio, TV, etc..) escape earth all the time... but
I was kind of wondering about relatively how much escapes- like can you 
watch TV while orbitting earth- or is the signal too weak for a standard TV 
to recieve- or listen to the radio- i don't mean if the signal is 
intentionally aimed skyward- obviously you can- but basically of existing
transmitters- and if everything escapes- then what about signals on the 
same wavelength or something- like a TV station signal from LA and a TV 
signal from NY meeting in space or something and interfering with each 
other... how much does the atmosphere and such weaken signals sent from the 
surface of earth to space.. (going straight up perpendicular to the 
surface) and i was wondering, because like you can't get signals from TV 
stations a few hundred miles away- wouldn't the atmosphere have some sort 
of signal reducing properties.. something like that. :)

Re: television/radio signals escaping earth to space

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