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Subject: What is the 'best' method for transporting a sound signal?

Date: Mon Jan 31 08:46:17 2000
Posted by Duncan Harwood
Grade level: undergrad School: University Of Durham
City: Durham State/Province: Co. Durham Country: United Kingdom
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 949329977.Eg

I'm designing a sonic pest deterrant, with a signal generator generating a 
signal of around 30kHz, which is then transported to speakers (and 
amplifier if necessary.) The whole system will be outside, hence subject 
to all weather conditions, and the speakers will be up to a few hundred 
metres away from the signal generator. What is the 'best' method of getting 
the signal from the generator to the speaker? I've tried looking into 
ordinary wires, microwaves, IR, laser, etc, but the data has not proved 

Re: What is the 'best' method for transporting a sound signal?

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