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Re: VRD - pipeline gas protection (coating)

Date: Wed Apr 19 20:32:04 2000
Posted By: Charlie Crutchfield, Retired
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 955056124.Eg

Dear Mr. Anuar;
    This is a topic which would require several chapters in a text on 
corrosion. Too long for me to present here.  Also, this is a specialty in 
the field of corrosion. I will list several sources for information on 
this matter. 

[1]   This is the site for the major society for corrosion 
engineering.  They will list commercial organizations specializing in this. 
 Their Journal "Materials Performance" [MP] always has a section on this 

[2] In the April 2000 issue of "MP" there is an article on exactly your 
       "Cathodic Protection criteria and its Application to Mature 
Pipelines"   Ask  for a copy of this article from: 
       Jeff Didas
       Columbia Gas Transmission Co.,
       1700 MacCorkle Drive, SE,
       Charleston, West Virginia  25314 USA

[3]   or email them at:   
"Tinker-Rasor"is a large firm  specializing in corrosion protection. They 
may have literature or brochures  of use to you - and some products also, 
of course.

[4]  is another useful site.

      Please contact me if I can be of further assistance.
                            Charlie A. Crutchfield

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