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Re: Can you please tell me some experiments related to flight of a frisbee.

Date: Mon Apr 24 07:17:59 2000
Posted By: David Taylor, Staff, programming, Testronics
Area of science: Physics
ID: 955543418.Ph

Q:  I am doing a research work on different factors affecting the flight of 
a frisbee. I would be extremely pleased if you could give me some 
suggestions in this direction.

A:  First thing I'd try is to put a very directional LED and watch battery 
on the frisbee which would allow you to make a good estimate of how fast 
the fresbee is spining. There are keychain lights available for about a 
dollar that would do the trick.

Next thing that comes to mind is tacking weights on the frisbee in 
different places. 

One thought that could add a lot of complexity, is to have several people 
throwing an identically configured frisbee. You could figure out how much 
skill is involved in frisbee throwing, and how much is just the frisbee 
"wants to" fly.

Good research!

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