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Subject: Consolidation in memory - what is it and what is its timescale?

Date: Fri Apr 14 06:42:26 2000
Posted by AP
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Area of science: Neuroscience
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What evidence is there for consolidation processes in memory? I have quite 
often come across books claiming that such processes are necessary for us 
to store information in our brains. I accept that there must be a 
biological basis for psychological phenomena, but is there really good 
evidence for consolidation? What exactly IS it? Books say that 
consolidation occurs when we sleep, but does it also occur when we are 
awake (it must do so, otherwise we would never learn anything while we're 
awake??). What is the time-scale of consolidation?


Re: Consolidation in memory - what is it and what is its timescale?

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