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Subject: On inherited hair loss

Date: Sun Apr 23 18:12:45 2000
Posted by 111 John Balfrom
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I read a post about hair growth, and it said this:

"One last point, the TV commercial here in Australia shows a guy and his 
bald Dad and talks about inheritable hair loss. This is misleading as male 
pattern baldness is inherited from the mother's side. Basically, if you 
want to know your chances of going bald, look at your mother's brothers." 

What isn't clear is is there two chances of inheriting hair loss: 1)male 
pattern baldness from your mother's side, and 2) inheritable hair loss?  

It's stated you should look at your mother's brothers.  Is that just 
a 'probably' or is that definately what your hair loss will look like?

What can you inherit from your father? 

Re: On inherited hair loss

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