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Re: How do I become a Medical Laboratory Technician, and how can this help me..

Date: Thu Apr 27 18:51:08 2000
Posted By: Mike Crawford, Postdoctoral Fellow, Infectious Diseases
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 956817723.Me

Hello Gene,

My wife has been a laboratory technician in both clinical and research laboratories, so I thought I'd take a crack at an answer. 
If you are interested in going to medical school, becoming a medical laboratory technician would help slightly but not much
on your resume.  It would help you experience life in a hospital environment, to see if you like it OK.  But medical schools
still look at applications by the numbers (mostly)--ie grades at school and MCAT (entrance exam) scores. 

All medical schools require some sort of college degree, usually in a medically-related field--often this is a pre-med degree, but 
it can be a straight science degree--I've even heard of English majors going to medical school.
It doesn't necessarily have to be presitigous university to allow you into medical school, but the less prestigious it is, the better you'll
have to do.  Pre-med programs are often set up pretty well, they often have doctors come in and talk about their job--perhaps even 
providing students with some hospital experience.  You should also consider doing some work in a scientific research laboratory at college,
this is a job often done by pre-meds and would help on a resume.

A lot of jobs may sound good on paper, but the bottom line on any job is to actually experience it to see if you like it, and a college
pre-med machine is probably the best way to get started with that.

Good Luck!

Michael Crawford

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