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Re: Is there any method to find the percentage of flourine in toothpaste?

Date: Wed Apr 26 11:04:43 2000
Posted By: Shibbi, Undergraduate, medical, FJDC
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 955510840.Ch

hi Megha .. sorry as i am replying very late .. but there is a method of 
finding flourine value in the toothpaste ... Take specific quantity of any 
specific tooth paste, dissolve it in water and to it add any salt 
containing cation in its aqueous solution that will form a precipitates 
with flourine. e.g Silver ion in excess. The moles of Silver flouride 
liberated can be calculated by using the oxidizing agent to liberate 
flourine gas from the flouride ion. The quantity of flourine gas can be 
calculated and measured and then be used to calculate the moles of 
flouride ion in the Silver  flouride form. This will in turn gives the 
quantity of flourine ions present in the sample of tooth paste.
I know its a kind of difficult practical to be performed at home but you 
know this is the only way of flourine I come to know ...
anewayz for better results u better concern some dental laboratories.
Best of Luck with your Project.

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