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Subject: A few questions about memory

Date: Tue Apr 25 00:39:07 2000
Posted by John
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There's the 'artificial eyes' we all know about--Would it be possible to 
find the transmitters that you talk or sing to yourself in your head with 
and hook them up to some electronic signal-reader and get a print-out of 
the thoughts?  I don't know too much about this as you can see.  Are we 
even close to recording thoughts in a way like this?  Are there any sites 
or any material you know of that is about creating a machine that saves 
thought-data?  I know my terms are pretty crude.

I'd also like to know how well regression therapy works.  Not for purposes 
of uncovering and fixing any past trouble, but just to remember really 
clearly things from the past.

Thanks for any information you can give me. 

Re: A few questions about memory

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