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Subject: What new ideas have scientist come up with in the medical field of cloning?

Date: Thu Mar 9 17:37:13 2000
Posted by kimberly gee, Sabrina Ipps, Taryn Jang, and Kristen Yee
Grade level: 10-12 School: John F. Kennedy High School
City: sacramento State/Province: california Country: usa
Area of science: Molecular Biology
ID: 952645033.Mb

what new ideas have scientists come up eith in the medical field of cloning that 
will benefit humanity?

We are 9th graders in Mrs. St. John's molecular biology class.  We just finished 
our unit on DNA and RNA and found that DNA is copied to carry on the 
characteristics of one cell and give this information that is copied to another 
cell.  We know that Scientists' first efforts in cloning, that the public know 
about, are with sheep and how they sucessfully created a copy of one.  We think 
that the way that you clone something is to copy its DNA and repliate it to 
create an exact copy of the organism. We don't know much about cloning but we 
know that it has something to do with the replication of DNA.  The replication of 
DNA is a complex process and is hard to perfect but some scientist have.  We 
appreciate you taking the time to read our question and please hope that you can 
respond.  Thank you again for your time.

Re: What new ideas have scientist come up with in the medical field of cloning?

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