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Subject: my radio changes channel when I turn My light on.

Date: Sun Apr 23 22:45:57 2000
Posted by Nikita Chrystephan
Grade level: 7-9 School: Discovery School
City: Spokane State/Province: Wa. Country: USA
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 956547957.Eg

I have a lamp that deosn't have a switch on it so I twist the bulb on and 
off. However, when I do that When my radio is on, it changes the 
chanel from 105.7 fm to I think 106.3 or slightly lower since it deosn't 
tune in perfectly. only when the lightbulb is halfay on deos it do this (it 
flickers, isn't very bright.) I thought that maybe electrons were 
intermittently connecting to the contacts on the lightbulb somehow creating 
a magnetic field. if you need more information from me please ask as I have 
been stumped on this for a couple of months. oh and the antenna on my radio 
is broken making it not recieve as well as it should. I bent one end and 
stuck it inside of itself.
Re: Please provide further specifics - are the lamp and radio plugged into 
the same outlet? As it stands it would be difficult for us to find an 
answer to your question.  
Yes, they are in the same outlet

Re: my radio changes channel when I turn My light on.

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