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Subject: Why does all fish EXCEPT salmon give me hives?

Date: Sat Mar 11 16:02:58 2000
Posted by Kip Speer
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City: Trilla State/Province: Il Country: USA
Area of science: Immunology
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I am 35 years old.  In the past 5 years I have started breaking out in 
hives when I eat fish, except salmon.  Is there some known chemical that 
is not known to be present in salmon, that is present in other fish?  Or 
is there something in salmon which represses the outbreak?  The severity 
of my hives depends upon the quantity of fish I eat, and I've recently 
found that taking medicine that contains benadryl will diminish the hives 
or stop them completely if I take it immediately before eating the fish. 
Thank you!

Re: Why does all fish EXCEPT salmon give me hives?

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