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Re: does drinking liquids during a meal help or hinder proper digestion?

Date: Sun May 7 17:53:27 2000
Posted By: Shibbi, Undergraduate, medical, FJDC
Area of science: Biochemistry
ID: 956105497.Bc

HeLLo John, 
	Yea during meal liquids usually creates problem in proper 
digestion but it effects only in long run, not in our daily routine, but 
can effect your digestive system in older age.
i just  want to explain the few problems arises from liquids during 
liquid, one is GASTRITIS and the other is ACHLOHYDRIA. 
Research suggestes that much of the gastritis is caused by bacterial 
infection of gastric mucosa but other common substance is alcohal.
and water during meal also effect as when hydrogen ions when diffuse in 
the stomach epithilium, creating additional havoc and leading to a vicious 
cycle of progressive stomach mucosal damage and allotrophy. it also makes 
the mucosa susceptible to peptic digestion, thus frequently resulting in 
gastric ulcer.

ACHLORHYDRIA means simply that the stomach fails to secrete HCL, and it is 
diagnosed when the pH of the gastric secretions fail to decerease below 
6.5 after maximal stimulation. research shows that ACHLORHYDRIA can be 
happen by having increase ammount of water in diet. 

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