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Re: what is or are the differences between poison, venom and toxin?

Date: Sun May 14 19:22:38 2000
Posted By: Bryan Grieg Fry, Ph.D. candidate, Centre for Drug Design & Development
Area of science: Biochemistry
ID: 955419825.Bc

toxin - any substance that can cause harm
poison - a toxin that causes its effect through ingestion or absorbtion
venom - a toxin that causes its effect through administration via a 
specialised delivery system 

A good example is tetrodotoxin, a toxin that can be a poison or a venom.   
It is a poison in pufferfish, causing its effect when tissues from this 
fish are eaten.  It is a venom in the blue-ringed octopus, being stored in 
salviary glands and delivered into a wound caused by the beak of the 

Thus, snakes are venomous since the toxin is delivered via specialised 
apparatus while poison arrow frogs are poisonous since the toxin is 


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