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Re: About the two planets spots.

Date: Tue May 16 10:02:55 2000
Posted By: Karen Magee-Sauer, Faculty, Physics, Rowan University
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 957982752.As

There are two "famous" spots in our Solar System.  One is the "Great Red
Spot" of Jupiter.  The other one is the "Great Dark Spot" of Neptune.  

Jupiter's Red spot is a storm system that has been around for over 300
years! It does stay in the same spot, but is rotating like a hurricane. 
Wind speeds are around 250 miles per hour.  The size of the spot is a
little bigger than the diameter of the Earth.

Neptune's Dark Spot is also a storm system about the size of the Earth.  It
is "Dark" and not "blue", but Neptune is bluish in color.  It also stays in
the same spot, but its appearance changes quickly as clouds change around

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