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Re: Please list the names of some cell membrane diseases

Date: Fri May 19 14:00:54 2000
Posted By: Doug Reed, Faculty, Toxinology & Aerobiology, USAMRIID
Area of science: Cell Biology
ID: 951964264.Cb

Cell membrane diseases are genetic disorders involving (for the most part) 
the proteins that make up various receptors or ion channels in the 
membrane. Some of these diseases have other components as well, so I've 
put down why this disease could be considered a "cell-membrane" disease.

Hyaline Membrane Disease - a disease of preterm infants in which the lungs 
are not fully mature at the time of birth, resulting in respiratory 
distress. Pneumocytes are not fully differentiated and so the lungs are 
not capable of the normal oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange that is required 
after birth.

Alzheimer's - oxidative stress (in the brain) caused by Alzheimer's 
results in alterations in the phosphlipids that comprise the cell membrane 
and disrupts the function of affected brain cells.

Cystic fibrosis - a defect in a calcium-ion channel results (for unclear 
reasons) in excess production of fluid in the lungs.

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