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Subject: The 10,000 M.P.H. HyperTrain

Date: Thu May 18 23:15:46 2000
Posted by Michael
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Area of science: Physics
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Ok. I have a slight understanding of the principles of magnetic levitation 
in passenger trains, and I have an idea. 

If you took a MagLev train, placed it in a 5,000 Mile Long Tunnel, which 
is sealed to create a near-perfect vacuum, and use large quantities of 
power to propel it to 10,000 Miles per hour, wouldn't the greatest system 
of transportation be created?

It would have thousands of features, and hundreds of back-up emergency 
systems in the event of de-pressurization, or power loss, or life support 
failure, etc. What would a comfortable, sustained acceleration level be, 
to propel the train to max. speed? Is this idea even theoretically 

Re: The 10,000 M.P.H. HyperTrain

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