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Re: What is the average concentration of nitrate and phosphorus in sewage water

Date: Sat May 20 18:38:30 2000
Posted By: Mark Madachik, PD, Heartland Farm/Nursery
Area of science: Environment
ID: 955766670.En


There is no ‘average’ ppm when it comes to any water contaminant. Each area, city, etc produces vdifferent amounts of various contaminants. The percentage of contaminants are influenced by many factors such as local industry, population, and geological formations. Thus, I can’t give you a magic figure. However, you may be able to obtain some useful starting data by contacting the local treatment facility near you and asking them to help. I would not suggest asking for a sewage sample but I’m sure they can provide some useful data for your area and from that you may create a solution that contains similar ppm.

The EPA can also provide you with gobs of info if you care to contact them. The New York department of Agriculture and various Co-op extension services (many available online) can provide information that will help you to choose the right plants for your project. The following is a commercial water treatment company that has bundles of general knowledge of water pollutants and there allowable ppm and effects that you should know to get the most out of your project,

There is also last, but not least, your local librarian which in NYC should have anything you need to create a great project. With some "OH PRETTY PLEASES" you just might talk someone at the treatment plant into analyzing your growth media(that fake sewage sample you might use to grow your plants in) before and after for nitrate and phosphate level.

Hydroponics would also be a very good area to do some research. Good luck and have some fun while you learn. Mark.., Sorry this took so long but I was in Mickey Mouse land on vacation… Waaahh I wanna go back !!!

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