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Re: What is Eclosion Hormone and how does it work?

Date: Tue May 30 14:13:16 2000
Posted By: Danise Coar, Staff, Research and Development, Philip Morris USA
Area of science: Biochemistry
ID: 959187530.Bc

Eclosion hormone is a peptide that is released by either  the ventral 
ganglia or the brain depending on the developmental stage of the insect.  
When it is released into the hemolypmh it starts a cascade of actions that 
occur both before and after eclosion.  Its presence before eclosion causes 
plasticization of the wing cuticle and stimulates the release of bursicon, 
another hormone required for development.  In some insects pre-eclosion 
behavior includes abdominal rotations.  Eclosion occurs, the wings begin 
to spread and further plasticize and then tan.  Wing spreading is 
inhibited until the insect  exits the cocoon or the pupal cell.  The 
abdomen begins to contract forcing blood into the wings.  Additional 
bursicon is released assisting in tanning of the wings.  

Reference:  Chapman, R.F.  1982.  The Insects. Structure and Function.  
Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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