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Subject: Can You help me identify a peculiar species of wasp I found?

Date: Wed May 31 18:40:49 2000
Posted by Don Van Tassel
Grade level: undergrad School: None
City: Scotch Plains State/Province: New Jersey Country: USA
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 959812849.Zo

I work in the field of pest control for many years and have seen many species of wasp and bees. However, this particular specimen intrigues me. The color of the wasp is dark brown with yellow stripes and wings that have a pattern of brown and transparent stripes. The body length is about 2" mabey slightly less and 3 long wisker like feelers prodruding from it's thorax and are about 3 1/2" in length. I found one of these specimins anchored to a tree by it's "feelers" at depth of about 2". Wings were about 3/4 the length of the body. Is it a wasp and what kind? What was it doing on the tree? I have two specimins found off the same tree. Do they nest together or are they solitary? There are about 15 people on my street who anxiously await your reply. Thank You,

Re: Can You help me identify a peculiar species of wasp I found?

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